Kyushi’s Tavern – if you ever wanted to be safe from the Empire, this is the place to go. As did our party. Now they need to find a way into the Nethersea – what will help them on their way. Vote for your two favorite items:

This poll has ended (since 3 years).
Horn of the Brotherhood | Assist other players in combat with your units
Survivors | Every player gains a new opportunity to build units
Wyrmfire | Destroy a Hex forever – with lasting consequences
Asgari Bladeship | Buy the fastest smuggler ship on the ice wastes
Spyglass of Hope | Lower the requirements of a quest
Wand of the Ancients | Skulls cannot be blocked this combat round
Master Third Eye | Improve all Sea Towers' movement and item bonuses

*Please note that we have to playtest these thoroughly, so they might change a bit.

Below are the stories written by fellow rebels, to continue the tale of Kha’al and Syndra. Click on the name to read their contribution to the Lore of Azuhl. Please keep writing this story with us!

“IN the Nethersea? I didn’t think anything was in the Nethersea but water, corsairs and beasts.”

Kyushi takes another puff of his pipe and his eyes become hooded again as he looks at Baranth. “Yoooou know little of the Neeeethersea. Kyuuuuuushi has traveled it extensively. Above and below. Many things hide under the waves, but a few break the surface. Kyushi has seen a vast spire above the waves. Like a needle searching for cloth.” He breathes in again, the ember of his pipe casting an orange glow over his face. “Better, Kyuuuuushi knows one whooooo’s Third Eye shooooows the way.”

“Well that sounds promising.” says Ronja, paying little attention to the conversation as she separates out her winnings, looking them over. Baranth gives her a disapproving look then turns back to the Tua-Than. “How do we meet with this mariner?”

“He is here, in Kyushi’s Tavern. But he will not speak until the price is settled. Kyushi will be the intermediary.” He takes a final puff of his pipe, then turns it to the side, knocking out the ashes of the spent herbs. “The price will beeeee high. But your frieeeeeend may have eeeenough with her baubles.”

Defensively Ronja scoops her prizes to her chest. “What? No! These are mine! I won them fair and square!” She notices the the eyes of her companions looking at her incredulously. “Well, fair enough… Everyone cheats at gambling!”

The Prophetess reaches out a hand, not quite touching Ronja with thorn-covered fingers. “Time is coming to an end. We must go. Now!” The final word makes the rafters creek and the table wobble. The noise around the tavern dies instantly.


Kyushi hisses and stands up, pushing aside the curtain to assure his patrons that everything was alright. Sticking his head back into the alcove he says; “I will speak to my friend. I may be able to persuade him to take only two items. But they must be valuable. You have half an hour to decide.”


Ronja still looks unwilling to part with any of her ‘plunder’. Kha’al sneers. “Forever the pirate? Can’t lose even a bit of your ‘horde’?”

She sneers right back. “Quiet Krowh! You don’t know how many of my people these valuables will feed once they’re properly fenced.”

Again Baranth has to step in and mediate matters. “Listen Ronja. I know you didn’t sign on past helping us into and out of O-Meido, but now you see the gravity of the situation. I agree it’s a lot to ask, but we MUST get the Prophetess to this Needle. And right now you are the only one with the means to make that happen.”

She still appears to need convincing. Syndra spoke up.

“Think of it this way. Those valuables may feed your people in the short-term, but if the Prophetess can bring an end to the Empire ALL peoples will finally be freed to live the lives they choose.”

Ronja closes her eyes and sighs, finally letting the items fall back to the table.

“I know… I KNOW! I suppose the two of you are right.” Spreading out the items again she looks over them. “Truth be told, I’m not exactly sure what I have here. What would be the two most valuable?”


The others look over the treasure.

“Well this looks like half a golden idol of Drakh. Probably broken off piecemeal over time to pay for bar tabs.” Baranth looks over the rest curiously. “I’m not really sure about the others. That may be a native fetish covered in bronze and this one here might be a magic talisman of some sort.”

Syndra interjects. “Indeed it is.” Holding her hand over the talisman she mumbles a spell under her breath and a faint blue glow surrounds it. “Seems to be a missile ward. It will give a measure of protection to its wearer from arrows.” She picks up a small crystal phial and sniffs at it. “Ah, this held a potent healing potion. Unfortunately, as you can see, it’s been used. The crystal will probably fetch some gold when sold though.”

Ronja reaches out and touches the final item. “And this?”

Kha’al finally speaks up, more interested in his ale than the proceedings. “A God totem. Worn by warriors in battle to gain a boon from their favored deity. Pretty useless now that the Old Gods are sleeping.” He points his chin at the totem. “That one’s the God of war.”

Quietly the Prophetess of Thorns reaches out her hand again laying it upon the totem. “Wake.” This time the word wasn’t spoken, but again heard directly in their heads. Pulling her hand back all could see a red glow pulse around the totem, then fade, staying confined to its eyes, which pulse grimly. Startled, the entire party looks towards the Prophetess, mouths agape.

Kha’al reaches for the totem and clasps it in his hand. Sucking in a breath he can feel power surging through his muscles like he has seldom felt before, followed by a rising bloodlust. He snaps his fingers open and the totem falls to the table.

“It… it, uh, works now.”


Returning to their booth, Kyushi draws aside the curtain and asks. “Have you made your decision? Two items of magical potency he asks.”

Baranth nods. “We can meet his price. When do we meet HIM?”

Puffing again at his refilled pipe Kyushi says “Fooooollow meeeee.”

They’re taken across the tavern to man hunched over the end of the bar. At first he appears to be an old, wizened fellow, bald with hanging and creased features.

“Theeeeese are they, old friend.” Kyushi says by way of introduction.

The old man grumbles then turns to look at the party. “Want me Third Eye ta guide ye, eh? Ye got me pay?”

Baranth nods and hands over the medallion and totem wrapped in a cloth.

Squinting at the cloth the old man turns it out on the bar top and looks at the items. He pokes at them with his finger and as he touches the totem he jerks slightly with a gasp. “Right. These’ll do.” Wrapping the items back up, he stands from his stool.

Everyone but the Prophetess and Kyushi take a step back, for as the bent old man stands to his full height they see a massively muscled body standing a head taller than Baranth.

One of Ronja’s winnings tuns out to be an exceptional artifact: A “Master Third Eye”.

The user can control any other third eye user (and send them to their doom if they turn out to be a legion…) apart from the normal use. It also lets the user travel directly to known places in The Drorsmeer such as the Needle.

“Yooooou will be needing this tooooo thooough, said Kyushi, holding up one of the winnings from Ronja. This is aaaa Maaaaaster Third Eye!”