Hey! My name is Cornelius. I am a New Yorker living in Berlin. I am a Dungeon Master and boardgame enthusiast. Together with Pawel and Dirk, fellow gamers and Berlin transplants, we started to realize the dream of creating a board game called “Uprising: Curse of the Last Emperor”.

We spent the last three and a half years developing a game we love. “Uprising” is the result: a wonderful, cooperative, thematic, and strategic board game experience which we would like to expand together with you and your help in the coming years.

Some of our Protoypes

The universe comes from Dirk’s fantasy world, which he developed for his role-playing group years ago. The door to Azuhl, the name of the frozen islands where the action takes place, will be opened with “Uprising”. After all these years of development and playtesting we are convinced that the game is as good a game as we have ever played.

We know, however, that this kind of complex, “big game,” with incredible numbers of components, is not necessarily suitable for the mass market. That’s why we would likely to fall through the cracks for a publisher.

Which is perfectly fine because today we can reach you directly and ask you for your help – through Kickstarter. This will give us the chance to make this game a reality. As we get there, we will provide you with any information about the game on this page.

Some games that we love

We would like to explore this world further with you, and will always give you opportunities to contribute your feedback and ideas. If you want to participate actively in the development, we are always happy to hear from playtesters and reviewers.

As soon as we have heard from enough supporters who want to make Uprising with us, we will set the date for a campaign on Kickstarter. You can join our mailing list here, follow us on Instagram or Facebook or become a Fan on BoardGameGeek.

Thank you very much for your interest and your time, and see you in Azuhl!