This poll has ended (since 3 years).
“The Banished” | He was once an Old God, but a rift grew between him and the others, who favoured beings of mere flesh and bone. And thus, he began doing more than slaying his family, he started to devour them, absorbing their magic. He grows in strength for every revealed Druid.
“The Mirror Specter” | It has long been rumored that we all have a twin somewhere. This is a Horde that only your hero can address, not your units. The Mirror Specter moves to your hero, and you tear your own forces apart as you fight your innermost fears.
“The Necromaster“ | A master of the dark arts like no other, she is in possession of the black book, which allows her to connect to the realm of the dead. She drains your life on the battlefield, and influences the skeletons on the map.
“The Werebeast” | A shapeshifter that commands an army that can move unseen. Beware where you swing your weapon, you might hit an ally. This Horde moves differently from other Nemesis, and is hard to come to grips with.