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The tribes of the Krowh have lived on the islands of Azuhl since the First Days. Scholars suppose that this martial and proud race once served the ancients as warriors and guardians. It is said that some Krowh tribes still live in the ruins of that enigmatic civilization and defend it with fervor against any intruder.

The iron fist of the Drakoreans forced the Krowh into the outskirts of Azuhl and almost completely broke their power. Isolated raids and looting were merely a nuisance.

The Curse hit the weakened tribes hard. Stone buildings were foreign to the warriors and herders. They either starved to death, or tried to flee with their flocks in utter desperation across the frozen seas to the east.

The surviving Krowh realized that the only chance for survival in this new world was a unification of their remaining forces. Still full of mistrust, the chieftains gathered for the first time in the history of the Krowh to decide who would guide them through these dark times.

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