This poll has ended (since 3 years).
The Mage Breaker - rumored to be from the realm of Chaos and enslaved by Aezher the Immortal, he turns your Bolts back on you. Ouch!
The Punisher - bent on revenge, he cares not for the rebels, but targets a Horde instead! Just don’t stand in his way.
The Nameless - perversely and brutally conditioned, their leader Aconite is a master of magic, and provides a bonus to other Legions from her beloved ice wastes.
The Tower Keepers - master engineers dedicated to rebuilding the backbone of Drakorea. They target Sea Towers, and leave full strength garrisons at each one when they activate.
The Jailer - this torturer targets a hero! Will you move away and leave your army without a leader, or march towards him and risk being captured?
The Ironclad - engines of death drawn by Warlizards, and front line troops like a field of silver-clad wheat. How can the Empire lose?
Guardians of the Capital - they strike like a coiled snake, returning to the safety of The Capital after withering ranged combat.